Allsorts Anatomy

Allsorts Anatomy


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A Happy Accident: The History of Allsorts

Allsorts have been a classic English treat for over a century. The mix of licorice pieces with sweet cream or coconut, and aniseed jelly buttons are a delicious and timeless tradition. 

Have you ever heard the tasty tale of how this medley came to be? Allsorts’ origin story starts with a happy accident: a clumsy English salesman in 1899 dropped his display of a variety of liquorice. Intrigued with the array before him, his client ordered the mix-up! The delicious assortment became an instant hit. 

This treat has made its way across the pond and is enjoyed by anyone with a pension for licorice. While much has changed since 1899, the demand for this candy concoction remains. Originally the Allsorts pieces were called chips, rocks, buttons, nuggets, plugs, and twists.

In keeping with tradition, we've created our own gourmet mix of soft and sweet licorice twists, nonpareils, coconut rolls, and layered pieces. See what goes into our Allsorts array and find out why these have remained in good taste after all these years. 

The Anatomy of Allsorts


Also known as Licorice Petits Fours or the Mainstays.

A sweet licorice sandwich in every bite. These candies are soft, melt-in-your-mouth pieces that have been enjoyed for generations. Each square has layers of Raspberry, Chocolate, Lemon, or Vanilla with Black Licorice centers. Fun Fact: In Scandinavia, Allsorts are called Engelsk konfekt or Lakridskonfekt.

Coconut Rolls

These bright pink and yellow Allsorts are hard to miss. Each piece is soft coconut wrapped in a bite of licorice. The sweetness of the coconut balances the undertones of the licorice. Perfectly colorful and poppable, these rolls are a long-time crowd favorite. 

Jelly Buttons

Also Known as Spogs

Perfect for fans of anise. Each jelly candy has a chewy center with a sweet coating of candy beads. A unique treat in their own right, these buttons have a delightfully crunchy outside with an anise-flavored inside. These buttons come in bright pink and blue and are perfect for those who enjoy a more muted licorice flavor.

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