Gerrit’s MiniMini™ Chicle Gum

Gerrit’s MiniMini Chicle Gum

your favorite childhood candy is back in a big way!

These may look familiar! Chew down memory lane with Gerrit’s MiniMini™ Chicle Gum. Don’t let the size fool you, every tiny piece of crunchy chewing gum is bursting with big flavor. Treat your tastebuds to these beloved candy classics available in two flavors—Fruit and Sugar-Free Mint.

Fruit Mini Mini Chicles

Gerrit’s MiniMini Fruit

With a medley of bright fruit flavors in every pack, each piece feels like a tropical vacation for your taste buds. Paradise is waiting for you with Gerrit’s MiniMini Fruit Chicle Gum.

Sugar Free Mint Mini Mini Chicles

Gerrit’s MiniMini Mint

Sugar-free peppermint gum that is bursting with flavor in every tiny piece. Invigorating and delicious, refresh your taste buds with Gerrit’s MiniMini Mint Chicle Gum.


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