Easter Candy Ideas: Hop Your Way into Sweet Inspiration

Easter Candy Ideas: Hop Your Way into Sweet Inspiration


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With brilliant basket ideas and Easter egg fillers, we have plenty of candy to help out the Easter bunny this spring! There’s no need to hunt for ideas; focus your energy on the egg hunt and spend time with your family. Leave the rest to us. We have a great collection of Easter candy to dive into. Come with us down the rabbit hole!

Fort Knox® Easter Coins

Turn that basket into a pot of gold! The Fort Knox® Easter Coins are creamy chocolate that can be the centerpiece of any Easter basket with themed coin wrappers for the holiday. These are a great option for kiddos who love to trade after their Easter egg hunt and add to the fun.

Non-Chocolate Easter Candy Ideas

Whether you need Easter Egg Candy Ideas for your hunt or have a kiddo who isn’t as big on chocolate, here are some colorful ideas to keep everyone ‘hopped up’ on lovely sweets this Easter.

Satellite Wafers

Satellite Wafers are a classic! Perfect for anyone sporting a sweet tooth. These edible saucers are filled with candy beads and come in a rainbow of colors to match the springtime celebration. They’re a sprinkle of something fun and a unique alternative to chocolate this Easter.


It’s all in the name! When you open an egg of Allsorts candies, enjoy a tasty medley of delicious treats. These are a perfect candy for an Easter egg hunt for the licorice lover who knows they’ve won ‘Allsorts’ of sweet treats.

Gustaf's Sour Peach Buttons

The sweet taste of springtime means our favorite fruits are coming back into season soon. Gustaf's Sour Peach Buttons are sour on the outside with a tasty, sweet center and provide that bright burst of peaches in a bite.

Gustaf’s Fruit Pastilles

Can you imagine an Easter egg hunt in the endless green of the English countryside? What a delight! English Pastilles come in black currant, lemon, strawberry, lime, and orange for your enjoyment.

Gustaf’s Mini Gummy Fried Eggs

We had to do something with all the leftover candy eggs! Good morning to you (and you, and you!) this Easter morning. Fry up some Gustaf’s Mini Gummy Eggs sunny-side-up after the egg hunt for a cheerful treat, and enjoy even when it’s not breakfast time.

Gustaf's Soft Punch Chews

Another easy egg filler idea that gives kiddos plenty of candy in a single sweet bite. Gustaf's Soft Punch Chews are individually wrapped candy chews that burst with natural flavors of Cherry, Mango, Orange, Strawberry, Apple, and Lemon.

Gerrit’s Broadway on Wheels Strawberry

We can’t wait for strawberry season! Take a bite of our famous Strawberry wheels and get excited for Summer. Broadway on Wheels will bring you one step closer to warmer weather and have you celebrating until then.

Gerrit’s Top This! Cake Toppers Daisies

Daisy Toppers are a cute Easter family activity idea! Make cupcakes together to celebrate the first signs of spring and see flowers pop up in your garden and your cake. Gerrit’s Top This! Cake Toppers Daisies are great on cake, cupcakes, and any sweet treat you want to top off with a bit of flowery joy.