Falling for Gerrit J Verburg’s Fall Candy Collection

Falling for Gerrit J Verburg’s Fall Candy Collection


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Fall, we've missed you. Cooler temps, pumpkin spice on the horizon, and harvest season always make for something sweet. We're ready for autumn. Cozy up with these fun, fall candy ideas!

sour apple buttons

Gustaf's Sour Apple Buttons

Apple picking? No, Apple Buttons! Gustaf's Sour Apple Buttons are sour on the outside with a tasty, sweet center. Our Sour Apple Buttons are sensational. They’re a treat to eat and dynamic in every bite from a sour start to the tasty, chewy final finish. How 'bout dem apples?

grape laces

Grape Laces

Groove on these soft and chewy grape laces bursting with flavor. These laces are 36 inches long and gelatin-free. With a tasty natural grape flavor combined with the rich coloring that makes for autumn vibes, get more from these sweet and sensory-fulfilling Laces.

licorice cubes

Licorice Cubes

Everyone's favorite half-time treat! Pick up a pack of Licorice Cubes to share at the next game. These soft licorice cubes are coated with delicious cane sugar that positively melts in your mouth! Homecoming is right around the corner and our candies are a great way celebrate!

gummy bears

Gustaf's Fall Gummy Bear

No need to say bye to these bears for the winter! Gustaf’s Fall Bears are the most adorable way to welcome fall back and enjoy your favorite gummy. Gustaf's Fall Gummy Bears are sweet one-inch gummy bears that are ready to attend all your fall get-togethers.


Gustaf's Dutch Licorice Duos

Gustaf’s Duos are a pleasant combination of Dutch Licorice and mouthwatering fruit gum. They’re a bag of color that’s perfect for celebrating fall after a day of diving into leaves. Get excited for Halloween with the Dutch Duos.

chocolate spoons

Fort Knox®️ Milk & White Chocolate Spoons

Re-stock your Coffee Bar and sweeten the deal just in time for Autumn with the Fort Knox®️ Milk & White Chocolate Spoons. These Chocolate Spoons can be enjoyed with a dollop of cream or ice cream in the center or solo! Use them to stir or enjoy on their own!