Treats for a Fantastic Farm Festival

Treats for a Fantastic Farm Festival


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The cow goes moo, the chicken goes cluck, and the kiddo goes YUM! Whether you have a little one who’s learning their animals or you love fun candy that’s great to look at and delicious too, our latest collection is the perfect way to put all your eggs into one basket when it comes to candy.

farm animals

Gustaf’s Gummy Farm Animals

What’s a farm without animals?! We’ve got all the essentials for a great farm in one bag of candy here. Chickens, cows, and silos, you’ll have a whole farm up and running on your taste buds in no time. Enjoy this tasty fruit flavored gummy farm flavored in lemon, orange, strawberry, apple, and pear.

gummy sour pigs

Gustaf’s Sour Gummy Piglets

Our little piggies caught a bit of an attitude! They’ll grow into sweet grown ups, but for now this porky piglet is a little bit sour. Gustaf’s Sour Gummy Piglets are coated in a sour powder that packs a punch and one inch long so you can still swoon over how cute they are.

gummy pigs

Gustaf’s Gummy Pigs

These little piggies want to wee, wee, wee all the way home with you. These scrumptious, raspberry-flavored pigs are two inches long and sure to delight. Line ‘em up with our sour little piglets, and we’ve got a whole family of candy pigs to care for!

gummy fried egg

Gustaf’s Mini Gummy Fried Eggs

No shortage of eggs here. We’ve fried some gummy eggs sunny-side-up for a cheerful treat that can be enjoyed when it’s not breakfast time. This eggcellent gummy can only be found in the nests of our gummy hens, and are sure to be delicious.

dutch licorice farm

Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Farm

Uh-oh! Looks like the animals got out and took a roll in the mud. Silly ducks–or no, that’s a hen. Hard to tell but give em a taste and you’ll be able to tell. Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Farm gummies are crafted from exquisite semi-firm Dutch Licorice with a hint of salt and shaped into farm animals for an extra bit of fun.

red licorice beagles

Red Licorice Beagles

What’s a farm without a sweet pup to sniff out every smell and keep the other animals in line? The Red Licorice Beagles are sweet to share with flavors of strawberry, cherry, and black currant licorice. Shaped into beagles, these gummies make for a unique treat.