Full of Love for Father’s Day: Gift Ideas for Dad

Full of Love for Father’s Day: Gift Ideas for Dad


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It’s never a dull day with Dad! Whether it’s your dad, your grandfather, or a father figure in your life who makes a big difference, show them some love this Father’s Day. From cars to cash, we have something for every Dad to help sweeten the day. Find inspiration for the dad in your life this Father’s Day with curated candy options from Gerrit J. Verburg.

Fort Knox® #1 Medallions

Skip the #1 Dad mug! The Fort Knox® #1 Medallions are a great way to let your dad know he’s number one in your heart and sweet to boot! The #1 Medallions are creamy milk chocolate wrapped in foil and detailed like a medal made for a true champion like Dad!

Fort Knox® Million Dollar Bar

So, you touched the thermostat huh? Never fret, let Dad know you appreciate everything he does for you and the family with the Fort Knox® Million Dollar Bar. This rich milk chocolate bar is embossed with a Million Dollar Theme. It may not be the real deal but Dad will appreciate the sentiment nonetheless.

Pink Cadillacs

For all our car-loving Pops, the Pink Cadillacs are an excellent snack idea to add to your Father’s Day drive. Go for a spin around the block and dive in with this tasty gummy candy. Strawberry, cherry, and black currant-flavored gummies will take your taste buds on a sweet ride down memory lane. These gummies are made of all-natural colors and flavors.

Gustaf's Licorice Tire Tracks

Get away for the day with your dad. Gustaf's Licorice Tire Tracks will leave traces of happy memories and nothing but good times. A favorite treat in Finland, these velvety chewy licorice bites are just the right balance of anise and sweet. Give Dad the taste of something new for Father’s Day!

Fort Knox® Caribbean Blue Coins

Heads or tails? Heads it’s Dad’s pick for Father’s Day, and Tails it’s Father’s pick for Dad’s Day! Give your dad the Fort Knox® Caribbean Blue Coins to make deciding on the day simple and delicious! Gerrit's Color Parade Fort Knox® Coins are made of creamy milk chocolate and come in the classic coin shape we all know and love.

Gustaf's Gummi Coffee Beans

“Hi Thirsty, I’m Dad.” For the Dads who need their coffee to make it through the day sometimes, Gustaf's Gummi Coffee Beans are a fun spin on coffee-inspired treats for you to dig in and enjoy. A perfect blend of Mocha, Toffee, and Carmel-flavored gummies, give your Dad the coffee buzz he loves without the caffeine.

Satellite Wafers

Last but certainly not least, Satellite Wafers are for the dads who are out of this world! Whether it’s for the cooky dad with terrible jokes or the dad who always goes above and beyond, Satellite Wafers are edible wafers that you can bite into and enjoy the candy beads inside. There’s always a happy inside with Wafers, just like Dad!