Game Night Party Inspiration Ideas

Game Night Party Inspiration Ideas


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Create a unique twist to your game night with Gerrit J. Verburg’s candies, perfect for both playing and snacking! Why limit yourself to standard game pieces when you can add a burst of fun and flavor with candy and licorice? Gerrit J. Verburg’s Game Night Collection offers everything you need.

Broadway on Wheels Strawberry and Broadway on Wheels Licorice

Whether you're strategizing your path to victory with Strawberry Wheels or Black Licorice Wheels as your pieces, these irresistible treats promise a winning move for your taste buds, regardless of which side of the board you're on!

Blitz Bits Fruit Chews and Black Jack Blitz Bits

These delightful candies’ small size and colorful appearance add a playful element to Mancala! Blitz Bitz Mini Chews have big bold flavors in the tiniest of bites. Share with your opponent or keep each burst of sweetness for yourself.

Gold Coins

Heads or tails? With every toss of these gold-wrapped chocolate coins, anticipation fills the air! Gerrit's Fort Knox® Gold Coins are made of creamy milk chocolate and come in the classic gold coin shape we all know and love. Our suggestion? The winner savors the delicious chocolate treat as their well-deserved prize!

Pink & Blue Berries

Tic tac… taste sensation! Gustaf's Pink & Blue Berries are delightful bite-sized treats featuring a bubble gum flavor, complemented by sweet jam centers and coated in colorful candied beads, offering a burst of flavor in every bite.

Gustaf's Rainbow Laces

Explore a spectrum of flavors with Gustaf's Rainbow Laces, featuring strawberry, raspberry, apple, and tutti-fruity delights. These laces are ideal for navigating mazes or enjoying with friends during game sessions.

Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Sugared Bears

Check Mate! Our Dutch Licorice Sugared Bears make for fun King pieces on your chess board, that won’t last long once captured! Crafted from sugar-coated Dutch Licorice and shaped into bears, Gustaf’s licorice makes a unique treat for enjoying throughout your game night!

Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Cats

Gustaf’s Licorice Cats are an ideal complement to our chessboard, taking on the role of the Queen. Crafted from delectable Dutch Licorice with a firm texture and adorable cat shapes, they offer a delightful and tasty treat!

Finnska Soft Licorice

Use these delectable bites as Rook pieces on your Game Night chess board! With their sweet Finnish-style flavor and satisfying texture, they add an extra layer of enjoyment to your game.

Gustaf's Beehive Licorice

No chessboard is complete without the Bishop piece! Gustaf's Beehive Licorice fits this role perfectly. Beyond its role in Game Night chess, there's plenty to buzz about regarding this delightful treat, made from premium Dutch Licorice with a hint of honey.

Diamond Salt Licorice

Make it a Game "Knight" to remember! Gerrit's smooth and slightly firm licorice diamonds are the perfect fit for the role of the Knight on the chessboard.

Gustaf's Dutch Licorice Drops

Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Drops offer a delightful combination of softness and sweetness, making them a delicious treat. Plus, they double as excellent Pawns for Licorice Chess!

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