Mother’s Day Magic: Gifts, Ideas, and More for the Mom in Your Life!

Mother’s Day Magic: Gifts, Ideas, and More for the Mom in Your Life!


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Whether it’s your momma, your grandmother, or a mom in your life who makes a big difference, show them some love this Mother’s Day with a bit of magic. Every mom deserves a sweet day off filled with their favorite candy to make the day all the better. Find some inspiration for the mom in your life this Mother’s Day with curated candy options from Gerrit J. Verburg.

Gustaf's Dutch Licorice Sugared Bears

Hey there, Mama Bear, how about something sweet? Crafted from sugar-coated Dutch Licorice, Gustaf’s licorice makes a unique treat – especially when shaped into bears. This is a great idea for any ‘cubs’ who want to share the love with mom this Mother’s Day.

glazed cookies

Gerrit's Bakery Cafe Noir - Coffee Glazed Cookies

For the mom who loves coffee maybe a notch below her kiddos, try Gerrit's Bakery Cafe Noir - Coffee Glazed Cookies. Perfect for dunking in a morning cup of jo’, these tasty little cookies are ideal for any time of day. Not to mention, they have loving words like “Need you!” to show your mom your appreciation with every bite.


Gerrit's Top This! Cake Topper Roses

What’s better than receiving flowers on Mother’s Day? Answer: flowers that you can eat! Spend the day baking together and decorate a sweet treat to share together with Gerrit's Top This! Cake Topper Roses. Make a bouquet of cupcakes that are colorful and easy to share.

beemans gift tins

Beeman's Gift Tins

Need a jewelry gift box that’s reusable and classy? Beeman's Gift Tins. Easy to wrap and store special treasures in, your mom is sure to love this unique little container. Double up on the gifts by putting her new necklace or earrings in her new favorite trinket tin.

stroop wafels

Stroop Wafels with Butter

Does your mom love to travel? Take a trip to the Netherlands in one spiced, buttery caramel bite! Stroop Wafels with Butter is an authentic dunking snack with the creamy delight of butter added in. Enjoy with tea, coffee, or all on its own! A quality moment with Mom will never go to waste when sharing Stroop Wafels with Butter together.

pink berries

Gustaf’s Lovely Pink Berries

For a touch of spring and color, share Gustaf’s Lovely Pink Berries with Mom at the end of a lovely day together. These strawberry-flavored nonpareils are coated in pure pink joy. Put a berry on top of an excellent Mother’s Day with the Lovely Pink Berries!