Lights, Camera, Candy!: Movie Night Candy Inspiration

Lights, Camera, Candy!: Movie Night Candy Inspiration


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Family movie night at home or sneaky theatre snack, candy is a movie night must-have! We’ve got the latest critics here to tell you that the reviews are in and our candy selection is a box-office hit. Perfect for slumber parties, midnight showings, and the at-home show you just couldn’t wait for, we have all the candy needed to make your next movie night memorable.

gerrits broadway rolls strawberry

Gerrit's Broadway Rolls Strawberry

Roll out the red carpet for the biggest stars, including Gerrit's Broadway Rolls Strawberry! Take a bow with Gerrit’s Broadway Rolls now in a sweet strawberry flavor. Sure to last you through the previews and that big reveal!



There’s “all sorts” of new movies to see! It’s all in the name. For your next movie night, dive in to a tasty medley of delicious treats. Allsorts includes a variety of delicious licorice candy, confectionaries, and more.

sour blockheads

Sour Blockheads

Blockbuster or Blockhead? The only thing sour about movie night is our Sour Blockheads. Pack the perfect sour bite in between pop corn and plot twists with this delicious sour candy. Flavors include Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Apple, & Blueberry!

minimini chocolates

MiniMini™ Chocolates

Sweet movie moments call for sweeter treats. Introducing our NEW MiniMini™ Chocolates: hard-shell chocolate bites and delights that are swoon worthy for any romance, thriller, or family feature.

for knox penny parade mesh bag

Fort Knox® Penny Parade® Mesh Bag

Keep it classic during your next movie night with Gerrit's Fort Knox® Penny Parade coins! They’re made of creamy milk chocolate and come in the classic shape we all know and love. Consider Penny Parade the poetic cinema of this candy collection.

sour sugar cola bottles

Sour Sugar Cola Bottles

What’s going to the movies without a refreshing cola? The Sour Sugar Cola Bottles are sure to make you pucker up. Enjoy this full-bodied cola candy paired with a bit of character development and a sour moment.

raspberry jelly pretzel

Raspberry Jelly Pretzel

The twists and turns of any thriller have nothing on our Raspberry Jelly Pretzels. The sweet berry flavor of these jelly pretzels is topped with a wonderful dusting of cane sugar. Just like unveiling the big movie moment, these pretzels are a show stopper.