A Dutch Delight

A Dutch Delight


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A Sweet History

In 1810, Dutch baker Gerard Kamphuisen opened his little shop in the town Gouda. By 1840, he had cultivated a wildly popular and delicious cookie recipe that is still enjoyed today. These treats were created by using leftover crumbs with sweet syrup. Kamphuisen's scrap cookie concoction was a hit. Originally he called his culinary sensation 'Goudsewafel' after the town. However, people began to refer to the cookie by its sticky center and the Dutch word for syrup: 'stroop'. Hence the name, Stroop Wafels.

A Universal Delight

The sweet treat grew in popularity as it was an affordable option due to low overhead cost. Once called the 'poor man's cookie', it is now an international delight! The recipe for Stroop Wafels has changed a bit over the past century. Today, each cookie is a perfectly flat, rounded, buttery waffle with a rich and delicious syrup interior. Notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and caramel complement one another without being overpowering. Every chewy bite is a reminder of why these have remained so popular for so many years. 

Consumer Culture

While you can enjoy Stroop Wafels on their own, they are worth trying in the way traditionally consumed. The circular shape and size of the waffle cookies are designed for placement on top of a hot cup of tea or coffee, like a lid. The heat of the drink warms up the stroopwafel, softening the syrup and one side of the waffle, while the other side remains crispy. Take it off the cup, and enjoy a perfect bite of Dutch Stroop Wafels!

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