Licorice Flavor Profile: What are the Different Types of Licorice?

Licorice Flavor Profile: What are the Different Types of Licorice?


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We’re not the first (and we won’t be the last) to say that not all licorice is made the same–and it doesn’t all taste the same either! Have you ever wondered why you don’t like black licorice? Or why you’re confused that you like the taste of one licorice but not another? That’s because, even though something’s labeled as licorice, there are a variety of flavor profiles from different countries that vary

There’s black licorice, red licorice, salty licorice, sweet licorice, and even soft and hard licorice. Learn about the different flavor profiles we offer at Gerrit J. Verburg below!

Types of Black Licorice

Most of our products are imported from Europe. That means you can try licorice from England, Finland, and even Italy!

In the US, black licorice usually refers to any anise-flavored, dark-colored confectionary. European black licorice candy from Iceland, Finland, or the Netherlands contains traditional licorice root extract. While flavoring may do the trick and be tasty, we have to admit that there’s nothing like the real thing. You can try Gustaf's Licorice Laces to get a taste of what started it all!

Is Red Licorice Real Licorice?

Traditional licorice in Europe refers to a confectionary made with licorice root extract. So, red licorice is not real licorice but resembles it in shape – especially when it comes in twists or ropes. The main differences between black licorice and red licorice are the color and the flavorings.

Red licorice usually comes in a strawberry flavor, but can also be cherry, raspberry, or cinnamon. Most red licorice candies also use natural and artificial flavorings to get bold but sweet flavors. If you would like to try red licorice, consider any of our Laces, including Gustaf's Strawberry Laces.

Salty Licorice

Black and red licorice candy is familiar to most people in the United States and Canada, but salty licorice may be something completely new and a unique way to try candy from around the world.

Salty licorice is called salmiaklakrits or saltlakrits in Swedish, salmiaklakrids or saltlakrids in Dutch, and salmiakki in Finland. You can also call it salmiak in any of these countries, and people will understand what you would like.

Salty licorice candies are typically black or very dark brown. They come in a variety of shapes and textures, and they can be used to flavor a variety of other treats like ice cream, chewing gum, and even alcoholic beverages!

Some of our salty licorice options include:

  • Diamond Salt Licorice: Smooth and slightly firm, these diamonds are the perfect introduction to salt licorice.
  • Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice DoubleSalt: Crafted from exquisite salted Dutch Licorice, Gustaf’s licorice makes a unique treat.
  • Finnska Salty Soft Licorice: Sweet Finnish-style bites with a satisfying salty licorice taste. A perfect snack-sized treat.
  • Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Coins: Crafted from exquisite, firm Dutch Licorice with just a hint of salt and shaped into coins.
  • Gustaf's Mildly Salty Licorice Toffees: A tinge of salt to taste the English Channel. Sweet licorice treats with a hint of salt for a bit of balance.

Sweet Licorice

Glycyrrhizin, one of the key ingredients to make black licorice, is 50 times sweeter than cane sugar. What we know as black licorice in North America is actually sweet licorice in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, and northern Germany. They do this to distinguish black/sweet licorice from salty licorice!

You can try any of the following for a chance to taste sweet licorice from around the world, courtesy of Gerrit J. Verburg.

  • Tid Bitz Licorice: Traditional soft licorice bites from Finland.
  • Broadway Licorice Rockies: Soft and sweet licorice bites with a creamy sweet center, made in Italy.
  • Gustaf's Beehive Licorice: Crafted from exquisite Dutch Licorice with a touch of honey and shaped into beehives.
  • Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Drops: Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Drops are deliciously soft and sweet
  • Gustaf's Sweet Licorice Toffees: Licorice toffees are a traditional English favorite. They’re creamy and smooth with a mild licorice flavor.

We also offer dusted licorice delights:

Find Licorice You’ll Love with Gerrit J. Verburg!

Thanks for your interest in licorice. There’s a whole world of candy knowledge waiting to be explored. Follow us to learn more about candy from different countries, find new candy to try at local retail stores near you, or bring in Gerrit J. Verburg to your store.

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