Coffee Bar Candy Collection

Coffee Bar Candy Collection


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Coffee: the world’s quiet moment to propel us forward into the day. It’s what keeps us going, it’s a perfect way to talk with friends we haven’t seen in so long. It’s our saving grace before a big project and a late-night dive into the greatest creative moments of our lives. Who knew some beans, water, and maybe a bit of sugar could make such a difference in our lives?

The next time you host coffee at your home or want to set up your own sweet coffee bar, consider these essentials as part of your inventory to enjoy your coffee even more.

coffee bar
stroop wafels

Stroop Wafels

Enjoy Stroop Wafels direct from Gerrit’s own bakery. Loaded up with creamy caramel, Stroop Wafels are best enjoyed with ice cream, coffee, or best of all: coffee ice cream! You really can’t go wrong with a simply sweet Stroop Wafel that tastes like we imagine a Swiss mountainside cafe would epitomize.

milk chocolate spoons

Fort Knox®️ Milk Chocolate Spoons

Skip sweeteners! We can’t get over the idea of using our Fort Knox®️ Milk Chocolate Spoons to stir your milk into your coffee and let the creamy smooth cocoa melt away for a truly delightful cup of coffee. Leave dishes out of it and spend more time sipping away. A perfect dessert option if you ask us.

milk and white chocolate spoon

Fort Knox®️ Milk & White Chocolate Spoons

We have something for everyone. The Milk & White Chocolate Spoons would make the perfect Mocha, wouldn’t they? Keep it simple and sweet with any of our spoon options. This lighter option is for our white chocolate lovers and candy connoisseurs who know this is too good not to try.

dark chocolate spoons

Fort Knox®️ Dark Chocolate Spoons

A midnight treat, excellent for rewarding late-night bursts of inspiration or the driving force of a dinner party chats gone late into the night. You and your guests will love the Dark Chocolate Spoons as a perfect dessert companion with your coffee. Stir in the stars with us.

gummy coffee beans

Gustaf’s Gummi Coffee Beans

For the kiddos and coffee lovers who don’t need a whole cup of jo. Gustaf’s Gummi Coffee Beans come in a blend of Mocha, Toffee, and Carmel flavors. Get every flavor in every handful and get your coffee buzz without the caffeine. Put these out for guests the next time you catch up over a cup!

cafew noir and minibits

Introducing Our Newest Dutch Cookies, Cafe Noir & Winter Spice!

Every cup of coffee needs a dunk buddy. Treat yourself to our latest and greatest Dutch Cookies. Depending on your palette and preferences, we offer cookies in flavors Cafe Noir & Winter Spice. We’re excited for you to try them and see how well they go with any cup of coffee.

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