Dastardarly and Dangerously Delicious: Themed Halloween Party Candy Ideas

Dastardarly and Dangerously Delicious: Themed Halloween Party Candy Ideas


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Spooky and spectacular, we have the perfect Halloween candy for the season. Halloween is, understandably, one of our favorite holidays – full of candy, imaginative flavors and shapes, and a perfect opportunity to amaze. As you’re planning your yearly Halloween event, think of all the fun ways you can make the candy an even bigger part of the party.

See some fun ideas for fun Halloween party snacks to include in your party plans below!

Fort knox halloween coins

Fort Knox Halloween Coins

Make a game for the night everyone can enjoy. See how many people can find and collect the Halloween Coins you hide. Whoever has the most by the end of the night, wins! Maybe the costume contest winner takes home a box or maybe a friendly game of cards is bet upon a pile of gold for your more adult-friendly parties. These candy coins pay off, that’s for sure.

mini mini

MiniMini™ Fruit

Keep it colorful with MiniMini™ Fruit! Let this confetti-colored candy be a decoration and a delight all in one. Fruity and crunchy, it would be easy to scatter these chiclets around the table to add a pop of color to the party. Not to mention how fun would it be for folks to snack away wherever they are if you have little bowls of these around.

gummy skull and bones

Gustaf’s Gummy Skulls & Bones

Gustaf’s Gummy Skulls & Bones are perfect party favors. Especially if you’re going as a pirate this year, run with the theme and make your costume and the candy one big part of the party. This tasty but creepy candy is an excellent way to Trick AND Treat!


Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Cats

We disagree with the old adage that black cats are bad luck. In fact, we’re of the opinion that anyone lucky enough to taste Gustaf’s Black Licorice Cats is lucky, indeed! What’s a Halloween party without this ultimate witchy familiar? Cozy up with these cats during your next Halloween event.

gummy bears

Gustaf’s Fall Gummy Bears

At the end of the night, once the candy’s consumed and the costumes come off, we love Fall. It’s cozy and comfortable and gosh, the food! It’s enough to make us drift off to hibernate. We’ll let the bears do the dozing though. Gustaf’s Fall Gummy Bears are the ultimate end-of-the-night treat to keep the party going well after Halloween and our countdown to next year starts again.