Candy Decor for Gingerbread Homes: Gingerbread House Inspiration Ideas

Candy Decor for Gingerbread Homes: Gingerbread House Inspiration Ideas


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These gingerbread folks need a home! We have all the essentials for gingerbread homes this holiday season, whether you’re crafting a mansion or a cozy cottage. Check out the Gingerbread House Candy Collection from Gerrit J. Verburg before you start building!

jelly babies

Jelly Babies

The gingerbread folks need friends, too! Make it a party with Jelly Babies. These soft chew candies are made in an assortment of delicious flavors. Jelly Babies are gourmet English-style sweets that will make your gingerbread house a party home!



Need the classic look of a jelly-topped roof for your gingerbread house? Try Gumbilees! These gourmet, English-style wine-flavored gummy candies come in a variety of flavors and colors. You can pick a theme or go rainbow.

strawberry laces

Sour Strawberry Laces

What’s a gingerbread house without a sugar lace trim? The Sour Strawberry Laces have the perfect dusting to give the impression of snow. They’re also 36-inches long so you have plenty for your gingerbread house construction! Soft, chewy, and bursting with flavor, you can snack while you build.

mini all sorts

Mini Allsorts

What’s a house without a bit of decoration? Mini Allsorts is a great option for furniture, landscaping, or a little something more to add to your gingerbread home. It’s all in the name. When you open a bag of Mini Allsorts candies, you’re getting a tasty medley of delicious treats!

rainbow berries

Gustaf's Rainbow Berries

Gustaf's Rainbow Berries make for perfect bushes, trees, and landscaping around your gingerbread house. Who doesn’t love a bit of color to lighten up their yard, especially when it’s a sugar wonderland with no rules? Gustaf's Rainbow Berries are sweet, fruit-flavored nonpareils coated in tasty rainbow beads.

mini mini fruit

MiniMini Fruit

Every gingerbread house needs colorful shingles for the roof, and MiniMini Fruit is just the candy up for the job. They are as delicious as they are colorful. Try this medley of bright fruit flavors and take your gingerbread on a tropical vacation when the cold winter weather is too much.

mini mini mint

MiniMini Mint

Want to go the more traditional, snowy holiday route? MiniMini Mint is a lovely way to make it seem like snow has freshly fallen at your gingerbread house. Lay the chicle on the roof and see the winter wonderland come to life one piece of MiniMini at a time!

tire tracks

Gustaf's Caramel Tire Tracks

Looking for a car-themed gingerbread house idea? Check out Gustaf's Caramel Tire Tracks to pave the way for your gingerbread driveway. Or maybe your gingerbread loves doing burnouts in their candy car. The imagination knows no bounds here!

satellite wafers

Satellite Wafers

Anything can happen in gingerbread land. UFOs and aliens…or hey, maybe your gingerbread folks need cable. Satellite Wafers are edible cornstarch saucers filled with candy beads. Maybe they can be a gingerbread-level pinata or frisbee!

stroop wafels

Stroop Wafels

Picture it: the crunchy wafers and gooey, tasty caramel of a Stroop Wafel make for perfect walls and construction glue. Stroop Wafels are loaded up with creamy caramel and are best enjoyed with ice cream or coffee—or with your gingerbread friends!

winter spice cookies

Winter Spice Cookies

When you just can’t wait for the gingerbread to come out of the oven! Build a beautiful home with Gerrit’s Winter Spice cookies or munch away for the sweet taste of the holidays. It’s not Christmas without Winter Spice if you ask us!

clove gum

Clove Gum

Get cozy with Clove! Chew away for a creative way to keep your gingerbread house standing. Enjoy the comforting flavors of Clove all the while and think back to more nostalgic times. Let the classic flavor of this vintage gum inspire your build.

mini chocolate

MiniMini Chocolate

It snows rainbows in gingerbread land! Let the MiniMini Chocolates flow, it is the holidays after all. These fun chocolate buttons can be used for anything, from siding to murals, that make your gingerbread home all the more detailed and extraordinary.

mini gold bars

Fort Knox Mini Gold Bars

Last but not least, what’s a gingerbread house without a bit of gold to embellish all the sweet delights of life? Keep on the wrapper for a flare of gold or unwrap and make something with the creamy chocolate inside. If you don’t eat it up first, that is.

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