Mermaid Party Ideas & Treasures, Too!

Mermaid Party Ideas & Treasures, Too!


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How carefree would it be to be a mermaid, combing your hair, singing lovely songs, and lounging on the beach? This party idea is all the rage for everyone of every age! It gives everyone a great chance to dress up and become a little mermaid themselves for the day.

What’s being a mermaid without fish for friends and treasure, though? Never fret, there’s no storm in sight with our help. Here are some great treats for your next mermaid party that will have you singing to celebrate. Bring ‘Under the Sea’ to your party with the Mermaid Party collection!

gummy starfish

Gustaf’s Gummy Tropical Starfish

Did you know starfish hear everything under the sea? These sweet tropical-colored sweets are saying they’re a delicious way to add a pop of color to your party and make more friends with all the mermaids at the party!

pink and blue berries

Gustaf’s Blue & Pink Berries

The sea is a brightly colored wonder, full of anemones, coral, and maybe even a few berries. The Blue & Pink Berries are just one way to add a touch of whimsy and setting to your party, plus they are tasty to snack on while you lounge and sing just like a mermaid.

Gummy Dolphin

Gustaf’s Gummy Dolphins

Dolphins are a mermaid’s closest friend! Take a ride through a wave of sweetness with Gustaf’s Gummy Dolphins. Light blue and delicious, too, come take a swim in this flavorful ocean full of dolphins for more fun days like this.

sour apple laces

Gustaf’s Sour Apple Laces

Is that a mermaid’s hair or is it Gustaf’s Sour Apple Laces? It makes perfect sense for any mermaid to have hair as green as the sea! No salt here though, only a tart green apple flavor that turns into something sweet, just like a mermaid.

mermaid coins

Color Parade: Fort Knox Coins

Treasure, treasure, and more treasure! A mermaid should only have the shiniest and most colorful gold. Get your hands on a pile of gold made up of the Color Parade: Fort Knox® New Purple, Color Parade: Fort Knox® Lavender Coins, and Color Parade: Fort Knox® Robins Egg Blue coins. So many fun colors and every coin is made of creamy chocolate.


Dive Into Planning Your Mermaid Party!

All of your party guests are sure to love these sweet mermaid-themed treats. Candy can add an extra layer of magic to the fun and make it feel like you’re truly a legend under the sea. Explore your options like a true sailor with our Mermaid Party Collection!

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