Timeless Flavors in Tiny Gum

Timeless Flavors in Tiny Gum


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Introducing Gerrit’s MiniMini Chicle Gum

Do you remember your favorite childhood candy? Gerrit’s specializes in reimagining retro sweets inspired by childhood nostalgia. Reminisce with MiniMini Chicle Gum available in fruit and sugar-free peppermint. Enjoy the long-lasting flavors for long-lasting memories. Each bright yellow envelope contains a handful of candy-coated gum. These little squares are worth savoring and are an easy crowd-pleaser for kids and adults. Easy to tear and share packaging is perfect for brightening someone's day or extending a friendly hand.



The Sweeter Fruit Salad

Shake up your day with Fruit MiniMinis for a tropical getaway in every pouch. Colorful and fun to eat, these are almost as good as an island vacation.

Brighter Smiles and Days Ahead

Make a great first impression with a sparkling smile and great breath. Gerrit's MiniMini sugar-free peppermint gum is a sweet way to refresh your routine. Share a pack to break the ice with perfectly poppable and exhilarating gum.

Delicious Traditions

While MiniMinis are new, chewing gum goes back centuries. The practice spans across cultures and continents. In the United States, chewing gum was introduced in 1869 by Thomas Adams when he purchased chicle, the milky latex of the sapodilla tree, from exiled Mexican President Santa Anna. Since then, gum has blown up in popularity.

Welcome to the Family

Here at Gerrit J. Verburg, we are no stranger to the gum game. Vintage Gums has returned and restored the flavors beloved for generations including Adam's Black Jack, Beeman's, and Clove.

MiniMini joins a dynasty of delicious gum and will be a hit for people of all ages. Bring home these and more delicious products on the Gerrit J. Verburg Amazon store or find a Vintage Gums retailer near you.

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