Stocking Stuffer Candy: Ideas for Big Families, Classrooms, Sports Teams, & More!

Stocking Stuffer Candy: Ideas for Big Families, Classrooms, Sports Teams, & More!


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Everyone loves to get a little something in their stocking at Christmas time! We have a variety of ideas for you to share with your friends and family, so everyone has something sweet to enjoy and memories to make this holiday season. Check out our selection of stocking stuffer ideas below!

vintage gum tin

Vintage Gum Tins

Everyone needs a unique way to store their treasures & Christmas gifts! Give the gift of collectibles with the Vintage Gums tin. This is a great idea for little kids, vintage lovers, and other happy trinket collectors in your life.

soft punch candy

Gustaf's Soft Punch Chews Peg Bag

Pack a bit of color into your family’s stockings this Christmas! Soft Punch Fruit Chews are now available in bags. Enjoy your favorite chews in Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Mango, Orange, and Strawberry flavors. Pack a punch and have a colorful Christmas with Soft Punch Fruit Chews!

mini mini fruit

MiniMini Fruit

Wishing for warmer days already this winter? Give the gift of something tropical with a burst of light and color with MiniMini Fruit. Filled with tropical flavors that will have you wishing for a vacation this Christmas. Paradise is waiting for you with Gerrit’s Fruit MiniMini™ Chicle Gum.

mini mini pepperment

MiniMini Peppermint

Icy cold to go with the snow, the MiniMini Peppermint chews are a breath of fresh air. Freshen up this winter with these cool little squares. Freshen up before family Christmas dinner or a New Year’s kiss at midnight with MiniMini Peppermint.

mini mini chocolate

MiniMini Chocolate

MiniMini Chocolate is the perfect stocking stuffer to store and share. Each chocolate MiniMini consists of a hard candy shell surrounding a chocolate filling. They come in a simple tube to store and save for later, so you can keep them to yourself as a Christmas present or share them with friends.

stroop wafel

Stroop Wafels Single Packs

Explore the taste of the Netherlands that’s hidden in your stocking this holiday season! Stroop Wafels offers up an excellent bite of wintery warmness with the smooth caramel and crunchy wafer. Stroop Wafels are best enjoyed with ice cream, Christmas morning coffee, and always with a bit of snow!

satellite wafers

Satellite Wafers Cone Bag

Check out this stocking stuffer with a little more character. The Satellite Wafers Cone Bag offers up all the wonderful characteristics of these unique tasty discs. They come complete with candy beads that you can enjoy when you bite into the colorful wafer. This is an awesome idea for vintage candy lovers and daring delicacy eaters.

gold coins

Fort Knox® Gold Coins Net Bag

A Christmas classic. Everyone loves getting gold coins in their stocking! Fort Knox® Gold Coins are a great prize option or tool for party games. Stack up the foils and have plenty of chocolate coins to nibble away on over cocoa. Share the Fort Knox® with your family, friends, students, and more this Christmas.

xmas coins

Fort Knox® X-mas Coin Net Bag

Celebrate Christmas with Gerrit’s Fort Knox® X-mas Coins! These are great stocking stuffers for big families, classrooms of kids, sports teams, and more celebrating together this year. Make sure everyone can have a bit of chocolate this holiday season!

bank note

Fort Knox® Mega Banknote

This is a piggy bank anyone would love to get as a gift! Enjoy 20 Delicious Milk Chocolate Coins packed in a $100 bill-themed box. This is a fun idea for bankers, accountants, or anyone working in finance who’s truly priceless.

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