Valentine’s Day Candy, Party Ideas, & More to Love!

Valentine’s Day Candy, Party Ideas, & More to Love!


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Ah, Valentine’s Day. Call us corny but we love a day full of love. There’s always something sweet to celebrate. Treat your partner to a romantic bite of chocolate. Show gratitude to your friends who have had your back through everything. Treat yourself to some self-love with your favorite sweet!

Whether you’re throwing a Valentine’s Day party for everyone you love in life, need some ideas for your kid’s school Valentine’s Day exchange, or need your staple candy for a night alone, we have you covered. Get to know the candies that make Valentine’s Day wonderful.

Strawberry wheels

Gerrit’s Broadway on Wheels Strawberry & Gustaf's Cotton Candy Laces

Love a little bit of licorice? Gerrit’s Broadway on Wheels Strawberry and Gustaf's Cotton Candy Laces may be tangled like love sometimes is, but once you unravel them, they’re a delight to get to know. Available in strawberry and cotton candy respectively, wind your way up to these lovely treats.

licorice rockies

Broadway Licorice Rockies

Everyone with a dark side has a soft, lovely interior with a thing for sweetness. Soft licorice bites with a creamy sweet center, the Broadway Licorice Rockies are for those of you who maybe don’t love Valentine’s Day as a concept but adore a reason to treat yourself and look on the bright side. Plus, they’re made in Italy. What’s more romantic than that?

jelly pretzel

Raspberry Jelly Pretzel

No need to get all twisted up over Valentine’s Day. Our Raspberry Jelly Pretzels are complete with a sweet berry flavor topped with a wonderful dusting of cane sugar.

pink berries

Gustaf’s Lovely Pink Berries

Pretty in pink! Gustaf’s Lovely Pink Berries are great to dip into before the holiday and share with friends. Leave them out to share the love, but remember to keep some for yourself, too. There’s plenty of love to go around with Gustaf’s Lovely Pink Berries.


Color Parade: Fort Knox® Pink Coins & Color Parade: Fort Knox® Apple Red

The Color Parade: Fort Knox Coins in Pink and Apple Red are perfect for any school Valentine’s Day exchange. Not only do these fit the color scheme of the day, but the Pink and Apple Red coins are also easy to share. Every student will feel like they’ve hit the jackpot when they dive into these chocolate coins.

clove gum

Clove Gum

Clove is cozy and easy to love. Along with the sweet scent of its namesake herb, Clove Gum has a captivating, warm flavor with hints of cinnamon and allspice. What better way to show someone you love them than giving them your last piece of gum? Don’t worry. We have plenty more to share.

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We love sharing the love of candy from Gerrit J. Verburg! You can find all your favorite classic candies here and find your own unique ways to celebrate Valentine's Day your way. Party favors, secret admirer gifts, or “just because” delights, every day is a good day to show someone you love them!