Teaberry Gum

Teaberry Gum

Teaberry Gum

Remember Teaberry Gum? Teaberry is an old-timey flavor particular to the Pennsylvania region. The shocking pink hue, sweet and minty flavor (some say medicinal) has been a cult favorite since 1900.


Inspired by the wintergreen leaves David L. Clark chewed as a child on woodland walks, Clark’s Teaberry gum secured a patent for “easy-chewing” gum.  By 1948 the company was mixing Teaberry gum in half-ton batches. This endeavor produced 6,000,000 sticks of gum per day! Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass made Teaberry a household name in 1960 by teaching the nation “The Teaberry Shuffle.”


Gerrit J. Verburg company has officially and reliably brought the “best treat of a bygone era” back to your store shelves.  Take a moment to freshen your memories and your breath!


Available February 2021!

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